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I was working on a puzzle and wanted to get another. ICOULD NOT DO SO because an ad for a war game started and WILL NOT quit. War is obscene and so is that horrible ad that I cannot get rid of. I want this sudoku app OFF my iPhone, but apps are impossible to get rid of so I am stuck with this trash. HOW CAN I DELETE THIS APP?????

My first puzzle

Enjoyable experience.



Works mind

I enjoy this

Good game, poor layout

I wish the 1 were moved over a bit. I keep tapping the 2 by accident. Quite frustrating for me!

Good & fun


Just a suggestion

I personally feel that only being given 3 times to make a mistake, and having to watch an ad to continue can get really frustrating. So instead, it would be better if u allow the player to completely the entire board and the system checks to see if it is done correctly. If not, the misplaced numbers are highlighted red to indicate the mistake. THEN that’s when the 3 chances come into play. The user can be given 3 chances to get the entire board correct.

Easy and fun

Very easy to use! Lots of fun


This is an especially good app, makes figuring out correct placement easier. I've played sudoku for long time..... done a lot of incorrect placement..... really enjoying this one😄👍

Loud commercials. Uninstalled

Great game, but they are allowing extremely loud commercials. Makes it impossible to play before bed, or on a break, at work. I had to uninstall.

Wonderful app!!!

There are lots of reviews that shame this app that i don't agree with. The ads are there occasionally but aren't annoying. There are awesome settings that I've never seen with sudoku. I would 10/10 recommend. It's very calming and I listen to books/music while playing

Don’t like every change

I don’t like all the features of the new update. I do like that the numbers disappear when you’ve completed that specific number. I don’t love the 3 mistakes and you lose... what if I accidentally bump the wrong one, suddenly I lose? Sudoku should be more relaxing and chill, not like a stress thing? Maybe if you could turn that feature on and off it would be better

Way too many ads

Too many ads, last too long. Ditching this app.

Great Suduko Game

Love it!!

3 strikes?

Being punished for misclicking buttons that are very close to each other is kind of lame.

mostly good...

I really do like this app, but I wish you could save progress instead of it completely erasing your numbers if you want to switch levels.


Great fun to pass the time and stimulate the brain


My girlfriend and I do these as foreplay.


Please make more levels!!!

Good for beginners

I like the highlight when mistake is made.

Best Sudoku app EVER!

I’ve been an avid sudoku player for a long time and this is hands down one of the best sudoku apps I’ve ever used! Love, love, love it! ♥️

Five star rating

Fun, entertaining!

Love it!

I love this app! Wish it didn't have ads.

Best one I've played yet!

Easy to play & pencil in!

Big ads

Too many big ads that stay too long.


I really enjoy playing this game. I find it quite relaxing and a great pass-time

Too many ads.

I really like how this game is set up. I deleted it because of the constant ads. They take too long before I start every game. It would be fine if it were short ads, but some of them can run up to 45 seconds or so. I'm not interested in the games that are showing, so its very frustrating.

Tired of the adds

The latest update had nice new features, but tired of all the ads.


Excellent game

3 tries????

I was obsessed with this app when I first downloaded it about a month or so ago and would play several games for literally hours. I took a break from it for a week before coming back to it and I don’t know if it updated or something while I was away from it, but there are a few things now that I greatly dislike. For one, I don’t like that once I’ve used one of the numbers up it just disappears; I feel like the challenge is not noticing when I’ve used the numbers up or not and I think this new change is unnecessary. Secondly, now I see that if you put a number incorrectly in the square three times then you lose the game altogether and you have to start the whole game over. This is extremelyyyyyy annoying because I hate games where I have a small amount of times to do well in a game. What is the purpose of having “tries”? Why not continue letting me make my mistakes until I finish the round? Why interrupt me in the middle of analyzing the puzzle? Sometimes I’ll accidentally press a number by accident and so this makes it even more annoying because I hadn’t meant to use up a “try”. I wish this app would go back to the way it was before because now I don’t play it as often and even deleted it for a few days because I was so annoyed.

Clean, Simple, Fun

Has all the features I need to improve my game. Helps me visualize my next move and beat the clock as I move up in difficulty level.


Excelente y muy bueno para ejercitar la mente. El hecho de ir eliminando los números ya completados te agiliza la terminación

Annoying advertisement

Way too many advertisement. I understand you are trying to make money but let me at least finish the game. Every single time when I open app advertisement comes on even if I close app for 1 sec. Its great game but at the same time its annoying. I will just delete app if I see same amount of apps.

To many ad’s

First thing that pops up, two ad’s back to back and of course you have to watch, then on the bottom is a continuous ad for slots, if there is a way to get rid of these ads please let me know, I’m sure the ap is fine but I can’t get past the ads

"Mistake limit" is stupid. tell me how to turn it off

originally I posted the following: "I play this game a lot and this stupid new "mistake limit" is a royal pain in the backside. make abundantly clear how to turn off this intrusion." I got a prompt and courteous response that showed me how to tailor the app to work the way I want it to. I appreciate this, and after trying several other versions this remains my favorite.

Time out

Good challenge for my brain! I do not like the 3 mistakes that just showed up, it is annoying and I can't finish a puzzle


Love the game!

Don’t reveal wrong answers and follow with ads!

You have ruined this app by stopping play when a wrong number is inserted and running annoying ads before play can continue. It was much better before the recent updates.

Too many ads

Is there a paid version that lets me bypass the ads? It’s ridiculous to have an ad after every single completed board.

Ads too long

Ads are too long.


I want to play the game. Not play to a timer. The game keeps being interrupted by 30+ second ads that have pop up over the game vaulting all play. Very annoying


It was amazing how it was so challenging like a real sodoku puzzle and I was shocked when I got to the hard level.👍🏻

Problems on 4/21/18?

I have had two Medium difficulty games that I couldn’t solve, even with starting over. I play on an iPad mini. I have only used the app about a month, but I haven’t had any puzzles at any level I couldn’t solve until today. I saw that the app updated in the last couple of days, and I wondered if there was an issue. Great fun otherwise!

HATE this new update!

This is what I said before the update: Love that you can put the pencil marks in easily, that if you fill a column with the same number the pencil mark erases. Easy to use and navigate the site. Only suggestion I have is to make the first game that pops up be an option for the daily challenge. NOW: HATE this! Going to look for a new app. SO bummed because I really liked it. Now the freaking Toon Blast ads after every game (and before some games) last forever and sometimes there’s two things to click to get out of them. I am NEVER going to play Tune Blast so STOP!!! Also HATE that you all of a sudden get 3 tries and if you make 3 mistakes all of a sudden you’re locked out unless you watch a freaking ad! UGH!!! Why do you change one of only two games I play daily into something that’s a pain! You’ve got a couple of days to fix it otherwise I’m done and deleting!

Brain challenge

I love this game it challenges your mind to figure out which number to use in a square it is not luck or guessing you must logically solve the rows and columns in your mind.


I like it except I don’t think it should give you game over if you make a mistake I think that it should tell you that it is wrong and then let you go until you solve it.

Totally Amazing

This game is challenging and fun! I love playing it! This game is for kids who enjoy a good challenge!

Too much adds

Reduce the adds

New update= ad takeover

Was a nice little game, ads have take over and can’t be shut off without shutting down app. Deleting this game.

Too many ads for paid version

My wife downloaded the paid version to our family share account. Despite restoring purchases I am still stuck viewing ads every time I play.

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