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Ads are annoying and to long.

3 Wrongs

I’m not really a sudoku person, but I recently got better. I downloaded this app. It’s good. Mediocre. It times you, and you only get 3 chances to do something wrong. I don’t like either of those things, but I learn to deal with stuff.

Fun app

It shows a number in red when the incorrect number has put in the incorrect spot. Very helpful. Gives 3 chances for mistakes. And eliminates numbers on the bottom as options as they are completed on the puzzle. There’s a timer to record best high scores. It’s a fun app!

HATE the mistakes thing

The three mistakes thing that automatically ends the puzzle is totally frustrating. I use sudoku as meditation but there is NO ZEN!!! when it kicks you from the puzzle you are working on because you got three numbers wrong!

Ad Aware

Too many adds and too much time spent on waiting for the ad too end.

It’s sudoku

Less ads+more levels=5stars


Starting playing on a 16 hr flight and I'm still playing a year later. Love it!


When I downloaded this game I was excited and in hope of getting better at sudoku. Now I didn’t realize that it only let you have 3 mistakes. In my opinion not at all fun when you can’t have a few mistakes. I’d rather like it to be where you can place it there even if it’s wrong and the number won’t disappear until they are all placed right instead of limiting your mistakes. It could be colorful too, that might have helped with the sudden wave of boredom I got from seeing black and white everywhere instead of having a pop of color or a theme to it. Usually I love sudoku but this made it worse for me and now I don’t want to play sudoku anymore thanks to this app.


This game is awesome!!!


Never liked doing these till now.

Really well-designed app!

I’ve played Sudoku online before and this app fixes all the problems I’ve had with other ones. Simple to use, and fun! I’m very glad you can turn off the 3 mistake limit in the settings, because I have clumsy fingers and often hit the wrong number.

A lot of fun, but ...

How do I turn off the ads? They really ruin the game’s flow. Why do they have to pop up after every game? And why are there so many of them? One right after other ... frustrating. Just want to relax.

Privacy policy must change

Until the privacy policy changes I will not remove my one star. The is no reason to collect such private data from my phone while playing a game.

Too many

Good game, but don't like when you make a mistake you have to watch a commercial to continue or start a new game. That's so annoying, it would be better just to play the game and maybe every so often the pop up,

Fun + educational

I think this is a really fun game and entertaining plus it's educational for kids and everyone I rate this game 5 stars

It’s about the App itself

Sudoku is a good game, but this app makes it seamless. Smooth. Only thing is there is no menu, which is kinda weird.



Killer Ads

I understand the game is completely free and would understand if there was an ad in between each game, but if I get a message and switch over to the message app to reply to said message then come back to the sudoku app, I have to watch another ad, by the time the ad is over and I can get to the game, another message comes in and I have to decide to answer that text and watch another ad when I return to sudoku or wait to finish the sudoku game to reply to the message. Seriously, so many ads even when leaving the app for 5 secs.

Nice game but ads make it nearly unplayable

Seriously to start a new game I have to close at least 3 different ads to get to the game. Sometime the ads freeze up and I have to shut down the app and restart. Look I get the need for ads... but come on!!!

Unsolvable Puzzles

Would’ve given it 5 stars except for the fact that I have run into 3 unsolvable puzzles so far, out of roughly 200 played. I double checked them online to make sure I wasn’t just stuck. A newbie or inexperienced player might become extremely frustrated and turned off from an otherwise relaxing, educational, mind strengthening game and I imagine an experienced player might just say “uh-uh” and erase the app altogether. Other than the unsolvables, the way the app functions and plays is fantastic. Very easy to use once you find the settings tab. Could probably use a tutorial or something to direct you to it immediately.

Best sudoku game out there!

I get frustrated with paper and pencil sudoku, and there’s none of that with this app. The note feature is “smart” and helps me stay on top of eliminating my options. And because we all make mistakes, you’re allowed 3 in each round. It tells as soon as it happens so I can undo the move. Love this game.

So many ads.........

Ads all over this app


Great pastime

My opinion

This game was very raging but then I found out that you can take off the 3 try’s!!!!!!!!Then the game was more fun but it is a little bit boring.

Fun and Addictive

Very challenging and fun. Good for exercising the brain. This game also helps with logical thinking.


Cok harıka bir oyun

Briana C Carroll

I loveeee this game! Great for learning.


Easy to play,, from choosing your level of play to toggling to pencil from entered number!


I love the daily challenges. I think it's great that the ads don't interrupt play, they only come on after you've finished a puzzle. There are many different settings which you can change to customize play for yourself. I've played over 20 games and I'm loving the app so far!

Amazing! 😁😁😁

I can’t believe that I haven’t got this app before, it is AMAZING! I can’t stop playing it! Sudoku is my new favorite game!

Great game, just one bug...

This game is amazing. I started doing sudoku when I was really young, and when I found out that you could get sudoku in the App Store I was freaking out. This game is definitely better than others. However, this game can’t receive five stars. Whenever I play, it says that I made a few mistakes even when I didn’t. I’m not sure if I am just being an idiot, but please look into this.

Where are games

Screen totally white can’t get to games. How turn off three errors?

Awesome and engaging

Low his game! The pencil portion is the best!

Medium level player

I like how the game works. Have other apps but seem to come back to this one. :)


You are timed @ have to watch adds


Fantastic game. Not just mindless playing. Makes you think.

Mind twister:

Me encanta aunque pierda continuo jugando. “GREAT”


I liked this game!!!😍


People make mistakes. We shouldn’t have to end a game if we make one mistake. Do you do that on paper? No. So why here? It doesn’t make since. The adds to continue a game just make me think of deleting the app because adds are terrible especially in this situation. Thanks for your convenience. :(

Ad volume

The game is fine, my only gripe is that the ads have audio and no matter how often you mute them that are back on next time. Delete

Obsessed - this game app is awesome!

Love this version of the game, the pencil feature is great and fun myself playing game after game. Quite relaxing and challenging at the same time. Also, the expertise levels make the game more interesting as you can adjust it yourself.. or just play the daily challenge.

Love it

It’s fun



The best sudoku app I have ever seen

It’s so enjoyable, lovely app.

Overall great game

Great games just too many commercials

Challenging and enjoyable

This is my go-to evening game. It’s fun and keeps me focused!

Love this app, but...

It is a big battery hog. Drains the battery very rapidly.


This game help with memory and quick decision for the brain


This app is amazing and this would be a five star review if it weren’t for the three mistakes rule. If you didn’t already know, when you make three mistakes it says game over and you restart the puzzle, or watch an ad to get a second chance. I don’t know why this was added but it is annoying especially for people newer to Sudoku trying to learn (me) I loved this app and when they added color change, it was amazing, but now I don’t play it as often because now with the mistakes rule, you stress out and don’t learn from your mistakes. Aside from that this is an amazing app and has limitless Sudoku puzzles on all difficulties. I really love this app just it needs to get rid of or at least make the mistakes rule optional.


I wish that I can have a few seconds to correct my finger errors before marking it as a mistake. Also the length of the advertisement played every time that I restart the game because my finger would land on the number next to the right number that I wanted to enter.

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