Sudoku - Classic Logic Game App Reviews

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Very challenging

It will make you think


I like this game it keeps me thinking. I am still on the easy puzzles but I am recognizing what numbers are missing more readily. It gives you satisfaction when you get one done. Denny C.


This app is really fun and it feels like it is paper and pen which I love so everyone that enjoys sudoku should get this app

Want fun come join in

Is a very relaxing game... It makes me think, I like that... Once you get it you can play for hours and not even realize how much time has pass.... I recommend this game to all ages... That's the fun of it... You are not to old or to young to play.... Can't say enough about this game I can go on and on.... Just play it yourself and find out...


Should be able to tap a number and keep it active so you can fill in multiple cells See other sudoku games like :)Sudoku+


A great way to kill time & keep your mind busy with fun relaxing game.

Super Grandma

Love it. The app is well done and easy to play. Great job!


I love this game, I can’t stop playing it. I like that they have different levels of difficulty

Best version out there

Great basic sudoku. Does all that is needed without extra crap added on. I’d love the addition of color coding the small numbers.

I Love It!

I Love It!


Love if

Great mind teasers

I am not good at crossword puzzles but I love Sudoku. It gives me a break from stress and works my over 50 brain on much needed ways.


Great learning!


Okay game but lots of features missing. Would be nice if the number greyed out when all instances of it have been placed. Better highlighting for where the numbers already appear. None are necessary but would enhance the experience.

Can be improved.

Nice user interface but can be improved. Once a certain digit, say 6, is all populated; it should disappear from the choices. That would be helpful.

Too many ads


Great game

I enjoy Sudoku and this version is great- easy to understand and operate 😀

Learning to calm myself

As an impatient perfectionist, I easily become frustrated when a problem isn’t easily resolved. This is a small step in learning to regroup rather than getting flustered. I’m proud of myself for not crumbling.



Very playful

Highly recommend

Has ads for political figures

I don’t need ads for political figures when I’m trying to relax and forget my worries. Disgusting that they took money from the dirty candidate I saw an ad for.

Love it!

Great design and easy to use! Love it!

Ads with sounds you can't turn off are the worst!

This game is great and I love the daily challenges and that you can go back and play old ones BUT this new update had ads in between games with sound that you can't turn off. It is so annoying! It was already annoying having to hit mute every time even when all settings were turned off but this is too much. Please change this.

Good Brain Exercise

Love this game!! Although I am still in the "easy" version, I find it to be a great brain exerciser for the older brain. I like doing games that "use" thinking as opposed to those that are just for fun. Keeps me young!!

Great game!

I love this game. Keeps my mind sharp!

Awesome Mind Game!

This game can be very frustrating at times, but it is very good for your brain. My mind has been sharper than ever and I do much better in class. Sudoko is the best, and so is this game!

Good app

No bugs or crashes. You can't really screw up sudoku and they didn't.



Easy to play

Very easy to play

Watch the porn-y ads!

Today I had a popup ad with some really porny voice talking about a game I had to be over 18 to play. I couldn't even find the x to shut down the ad so I closed the app. I won't play this game if that happens again.

Oh my gosh!

I freaking love this version. It is quick and easy to use and has great functionality. So easy to add and remove buttons. Love it!

Enjoying the moment!


Passes the time

The app works well. Sometimes it seems like the levels (easy, medium, hard, etc.) are arbitrarily assigned


Am a newbie at Soduko. This game is excellent. Looking at improving my time and levels. Tried others but they didn’t help me improve. GrannyJJ2


Love this game!

Love this app!

I love how this app lets you work on any level you wish, at any given time. Also, it keeps your best time for each level, so you can clearly see your progress. So far, I haven’t had ANY issues or glitches as I have had with other Sudoku apps. It’s been great. If you love Sudoku, I definitely recommend this app!

Love this game

I have always loved this game! It is so much fun on my phone. Now all I will want to do is this game. I really recommend getting this game if you love doing it in books.

I like it

Overall it’s fun. I enjoy it. But there have already been a couple of puzzles that were unsolvable due to incorrect placement of numbers. I wasted my only hint trying to figure out why it kept telling me I was incorrect. When it told me what went in the box it still showed incorrect due to that number already being in the sequence. But it has only happened a couple times and is still alot of fun.

Love it

Works great and kills time.

Best sudoku ever!

I like every aspect of this game, especially that when the clock stops you can't see the game and that if you don't get the correct answer it will show you where you messed up.

Too many adds to enjoy

The sudoku is ok but there are so many adds in this app that I sometimes can’t even tell it’s a sudoku app. The adds cover the whole screen and force you to play random other games before you can get to your sudoku game. Don’t bother with this one.


Best game ever


So good

Fun, classic Suduko

Love the multilateral challenge of Suduko in this format. A great escape from the real issues we all face now that we have an egomaniac at the helm.

Excellent App

The interface is easy to use and very intuitive. Having multiple skill levels is another huge plus. My favorite thing is when you pencil in possibilities and start solving, the app automatically removes pencilled in numbers, but they come back if you need to undo.


Sudoku fun


Nice Game

Sudoku is great

Wish that numbers would erase when all are used

Nice Interface

Nice and clean interface to play a classic game. I like being able to track possibilities. Automatically eliminating answers is a nice touch.

Good but...

Takes too long to play between games.

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