Sudoku - Classic Logic Game App Reviews

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Excellent, fun game

Has the bells and whistles to make it fun!

More use charge battery

This app uses more charge battery and all charge used an hour.

Finding another one

A logic puzzle cannot be a race. I get you can turn the 3 mistakes rule off, but there are too many options for Sudoku games without this ill conceived rule. It is extremely disrupting. It should just go away or be tucked deep, deep under the settings. Also, the fonts are very thin and hard to read — especially the penciled-in ones. This is getting removed because I’m not sure what other “nuggets” I will find to disrupt my game.

This makes Sudoku FUN!

I have tried several different apps of Sudoku. Thus one beats them all! It makes it challenging, but not so challenging that it becomes frustrating. The pencil feature and automatic erasures saves time. If you want to see why this games is so fascinating to so many, but you haven’t been enchanted yet - try this app. This app will help you appreciate the challenging fun of sudoku!

Worst Game for Beginners!!!

Not even worth the free download. The ads ruin all enjoyment. Stay far far away!!!!

Now with ads you can’t silence

I like this version, but now there are ads blaring and you can’t silence them. +5 for the app. -3 for the annoyance.

Poor Updates and Drains Battery

The first thing to note due to the annoyance is this app drains my battery ALLOT!!! It is played while I’m flying for work and my phone is in airplane mode. The second reason for the low star review is due to the changes made to the app. The number of tries and the numbers disappearing after they are completely used makes no sense. The number of tries can ruin a game if you have used 2 and accidentally hit the wrong button... BAM, game lost. The numbers disappearing makes the game to easy.



Too many commercials

Too many commercials

Bad ads ruin the experience

The game has a clean layout and the levels are appropriately challenging, but the experience is intolerable because of the bad advertising. There’s the racist-seeming Garden game where a black guy builds a bird house for a rich-seeming white guy. There’s a poker game with a headline is not complete and an arrow points endlessly at a 50 poker chip. And Toy Crush where the demo thumb has hideous red nail polish. They take two clicks to remove. Not worth subjecting yourself to. Get better advertisers.


Too many ads.

With the help of this game, I won my first time!

I typically give up because I don’t understand this game. But I think I’ll give it another try


This is the very first time I’ve ever been able to complete a sudoko puzzle! It was still a significantchallenge.💙


I like this game very much but the commercials between games are much longer than others.


This is more a question than anything else. My app is stuck. It’s locked itself. I can’t press anything and the time isn’t ticking. It’s just a “photo” basically. What do I do? I don’t want to lose my data on the app. Please help! I’ve closed it, turned off my phone, waited and nothing works!! Help!

Best one I've played yet!

Easy to play & pencil in!

Great game !

Have fun!




It was good

Just about perfect

Options almost do it all. Only do expert and would like to see: 1) Be able to pick daily challenge level 2) Have multiple puzzles working, so on longer flights without Wi-Fi can have them loaded up. 3) Have a different color pencil available so in individual boxes where you have multiple numbers, you can take a shot at one and see if it follows through doing the same to other boxes. Or be able to put a temporary large number in a box in a different color without it telling you wrong number. But other than that best one on market today. Well worth $5.

A great way to play sudoku!

As stated in title, this is a phenomenal way to both be introduced to Sudoku, and to participate in the hobby. Only thing that I’d recommend for the developers is to introduce a way to show and hide which numbers appear as notes on the board without erasing them. Would really enjoy seeing something like this implemented!

Don’t like how you only get 3 mistakes

How you get only 3 mistakes before you start a new game is ridiculous. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this app. Other than that the app is super fun and super good. Just please fix the mistake situation! Thank you so much.


Ads are super annoying. Funny how ads play with no trouble but daily challenge scores get messed up. Was better before the ads took over.


This Suduko app has some nice features...namely love the pencil and eraser and the fact they are relatively easy to use. Although these tools are simpler to use than I had imagined, it was still a pain compared to actual pencil and eraser on paper. The first time I played Igor really frustrated as I was playing late at night and got 3 wrong which ended my game. I found out later in settings there is an option to turn off this 3 mistake limit. Wish this was default setting.


Sudoku fills my travel time to and from work and I enjoy it. I would need some more guidance on tips to solve some complex puzzles.

Crashes frequently

Crashes every 5-10 seconds. Unusable

Great game

I enjoy playing this game above all others

Three mistakes and you fail!

This Sudoku app is one of the worst versions I have ever played. If you make three mistakes you fail and then you have to watch an add to undo the past mistake. To many adds. Uninstalled. Microsoft Sukoku is much better.

To many ads

To many ads, if you must have them at least make them shorter

The worst

This app is the worst I've ever used. On the surface, it's great. The design is clean and gameplay is simple. But the app itself constantly crashes, which is a real bummer. I'll kill it and restart it, and within seconds it crashes again. It crashes more than EA's Sims 3 on the Mac or their Bejeweled app, which I put up with because I loved those games so much. I can't use this app for more than a few seconds without it crashing, so it isn't even worth suffering through, which is a real shame.

Good for my brain

I play almost every day and love the challenge.

Yea right

The reward for completing a puzzle in the “ad for free” version is not one but two commercials at the end of the game. Nice.

So much fun

This game is so much fun

Error por accidente

Algunas veces uno accidentalmente se equivoca de espacio pero no del número y el juego lo toma como si fuera un error nuestro

Saving paper and having fun😊

I was deleting stuff off my phone and decided to keep two. One being this great game. I became addicted long before I found the app. This saves me finding a sudoku book just to play them all and buy another. Thanks 😊


I forgot how much I love this game. I love how many options there are

Nice game

The Sudoku game works great but the advertisements are annoying.

Great Game

Nice challenges and easy to play. I enjoy how easy it is to use the pencil mode. The different levels are exactly what they say, easy, medium, and hard. Perfect to sharpen the skills.

Drains my battery like crazy

I had to delete this app cause my iPhone battery was dying so fast even when it was the only one open. Not to mention the constant adds playing. But other than that, it has some really cool features that can help beginners or make more difficult for non-beginners.



Purchase doesn’t carry to other devices

I downloaded the free version and eventually upgraded to the paid version to remove the ads. The application works fine. However, my other iOS devices still have ads despite the fact that I’ve paid for the premium version. I tried deleting the app and downloading again but that doesn’t help. Seems contrary to apple’s preferred app behavior (pay once use everywhere)

Mind worker!

Great for the mind after brain damage! Great to work your brain cells! A real awesome brain cell worker and a great brain cell improver!

Battery Killer

I used to play this game all day every day. Now it seriously drains my battery. I just played a 6 minute game and my battery went from 76% to 21%. Not sure why- but I can’t play this as a time-passer anymore, unfortunately.

I like it. I functions correctly.

I see no flaws. I’m a novice. I do easier medium grade puzzles and it’s highly functional.

After update keep freezing

After the last update, when there is a game running, you goes to the home screen or other app and then when goes back to the app, it freezes and you had to force closed it. And even sometimes closing the app does not fix the problem. iPhone X, iOS 11.4, App Ver. 1.2.9


Always like the challenges, thank you

At first it seems hard

It seems kinda hard but the more u play the better and easier it seems

I think I’m tapping the right number, but...

I have big fingers that make it hard to tap the right number.


Made excellent

Game great BUT ...

the endless game commercials are HORRIBLE!

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