Sudoku - Classic Logic Game App Reviews

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Making it Better

His game has been around for a long time. It nice to be able to play on my phone and or tablet. The one improvement I would appreciate would be to have the numbers being played, disappear when all nine of the game squares have that number. IE when all of the 7's are played then the 7 from row of available numbers would disappear. Thanks


This Sudoku is by far the best as I have tried all the others.. It is so user-friendly. It truly is the best..five stars..this is absolutely my favorite favorite puzzle/game!!!!!

Kills battery and obnoxious with ads

The biggest issue is the battery usage. Cools the battery. Poor programming job.

Game Changer

I completed a game and won it, but the pad restarted and then the game was all screwed up and said I didn’t complete it.

Can’t get past the ad

Love the game but can’t get past the ad for final fantasy to play sudoku anymore.


I am just learning how to play the app version, so it is taking me a little different time to figure out which are the preset numbers and how to change answers. I like that you can change answers though.

Great app, Terrible Battery Life

Love this app, but it destroys my battery. 3 hours in the app took my iPad Pro down to 50%

Frozen and ads

The game is very addicting but it freezes every time I go back in to play and not only that whilst in the middle of the game the ads pop up. It’s very annoying please fix it.


Perfect sudoku


Challenging I like it

Great app

This is the best sudoku app free on market. I am hours on it a day.

It good

Its cool. It keeps me occupied during breaks at work

So many incorrect puzzles

I’ve been playing on the hard setting for 20 minutes and have found 2 games in a row that didn’t solve. It accepted answers as correct but in the end had multiples of the same number in rows or columns. How does that even happen?

Butt, I was surprised

The second time I played the game after downloading it, a video popped up of a guy, holding on to the back of a pickup truck, attempting to have anal sex with a HUGE dildo! Fix this or at least warn people that it's coming. This was not an ad just a short video. I have reported it to Apple and iTunes.


Would be better if they showed when a number was completed. Like 7 in every box so it faded out

Too many ads

The game is good but there are ads every time you open it, win a game, try to load a new game, etc. ad central.

Need to screen ads better

I do not want to hear political ads when playing a game. Will remove if I see another

Love It!

If you're a Soduko fan and are used to playing on paper, you'll LOVE this game. I'll never play a paper game again!

Great game. Love to play Sudoku!!!

Great game. Love to play Sudoku!!!

Too many crappy ads

This app used to be good. Now it's all about the ads. Their ads are often broken and won't stop even after 10-15 seconds. It used to be you got 3 hints before being subjected to a 32 second ad. Now it's one. Their banner at the bottom is positioned so that you accidentally click it quite often to bring up yet another ad. So only download this app if you want to be bombarded with on the skippable annoying loud advertisements.



it freezes up.

i enjoy it but it freezes up. and the ads. 😣


Excelente juego fácil


Only played one game.


Once the number is played on the board. Example: All the 9’s, Then clear that number from the board down below. That way the player doesn’t keep going back to that Number.


Just love the game, great excersize for the mind.


I love sudoku. It really helps me to unwind.

Very nice

I played the defunct Sudoku Classic which I was looking for a replacement.

Battery Drain Fix Please!

Will change to 5 stars after you fix the battery drain problem. Otherwise great app.



Fun game!

Enjoyable game


Love it


I'm addicted

Great game

Love the game keeps this chemo brain active

New update??!!!?

Ummmmm why would you change to only one hint!!! deleting the app now

Paying to remove ads only gets rid of some ads

The fact that I paid 3.99 to remove the ads and it only removed some of the ads is absolutely infuriating. I want my money back.

Sudoku 👍

Love this game 😜

This is fun

I always spend hour with this game

Poor optimization

When this app is running ads it is incredibly poorly optimized. Battery life is terrible and my phone gets very hot. When the app is offline it is much better, but with ads being so inefficient the overall experience is terrible

Very good play

I love you

The ads ruin it

I’m not one to really hate on the concept of ads. I understand their purpose. But when the ads literally keep you from using the app I have a problem. The ads in this app are constantly popping up and opening a web page (which doesn’t even load, by the way), and even interrupt my music. This is otherwise a very good implementation of Sudoku. This app is otherwise good. But if I cannot use the app it doesn’t matter. That’s why this is a 1 star.

Ads go too far

This is a good sudoku game but the ads flashing during gameplay start to give me a headache after playing for just a short time. I get the need for ads between games and even having a banner during the game is no big deal but the banners with moving graphics and flashing colors during gameplay are too much. It distracts your eyes from the game so your eyes fatigue and you get a headache. Not worth it.


It’s simple and clean :)


This is just how I do Sudoku on paper. So glad they brought it to an app for free. Love being able to pencil in the possible cell entries. Bonus - it updates those Automatically when I use one of the penciled in numbers in that row, column or block!!!!


AWESOME. KEEPS ME SPELLBOUND. “Don’t talk to me when I’m playing”.😃

Love Sudoku

I have been doing the puzzles in my paper and when this popped up I was ecstatic. I look forward to many more puzzles.

Completely addictive!

Love this! All he benefits of the paper and pencil version without having to carry around a book and pencil.


It is painful for me yet this is teaching me at my own pace. I get frustrated and then you can erase, get hints, or try a challenge game. I am sure this app is helping me get my skills up to snuff :)

Used to be good

It now has way too many ads and it mutes the music I’m listening to.

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